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Eyefi Mobi 8GB Wireless SDHC Memory Card and 90 days Eyefi Cloud Service
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  • Camera quality. Mobile convenience. Cloud power.

    Eyefi Mobi WiFi SD card, apps and Eyefi Cloud work from the moment of capture, instantly transferring, organizing and syncing your photos across all your devices so you can share and enjoy them anywhere.

  • Features & Benefits

    The Eyefi Mobi wireless SD card and Eyefi mobile apps transfer photos to your mobile device or desktop as you take them. Eyefi Cloud, a photo-centric cloud service, makes every picture you take instantly available to enjoy and share privately from any Web enabled device. All Eyefi Mobi cards include a 3-month membership to Eyefi Cloud.
  • Eyefi Mobi Wifi SD card and apps

    Transfer wirelessly.
    • Send photos to your favorite device as you take them.
    • View instantly on your tablet or smartphone.
    • Transfer to PC or Mac desktop or laptop.
    Stay organized. No hassles.
    • Automatically group photos into events by date.
    • Create your own albums and add custom tags.
    • Identical organization appears on all devices.
    Sync every shot. Enjoy everywhere.
    • Every device, photo, tag and album.
    • Entire collection available online and offline.
    • Changes automatically reflected on all devices.
    Share privately. Notify automatically.
    • Publish photos and albums privately.
    • Recipients automatically notified when new photos added.
    • Share photos or albums to your favorite social network
  • How it works

    The Eyefi team built WiFi technology right into the Mobi card, giving you the power to wirelessly transfer photos from your digital camera directly to your iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or Android device. A simple activation code pairs your mobile devices to your Mobi SD card, ensuring a secure connection and safe transfer of your photos and videos. Powerful mobile apps for the Eyefi Mobi card connect directly with the Eyefi Cloud to provide an easy-to-use way for you to snap photos, transfer them instantly, organize, sync and share them.
  • Simple Setup

    1. Put the Eyefi Mobi card in your camera.
    Your Eyefi card is ready to use - just like any SDHC memory card.

    2. Install the Eyefi app on your mobile device.
    Download the free Eyefi app to your iOS, Android or Kindle device. ( Launch the app and enter the code found on the back of the SD card case or the membership card. No computer required and no Wi-Fi network required.

    3. Take photos.
    Focus on the subject and do what you love – taking great photos everywhere!

    4. Enjoy them everywhere.
    Watch the magic as your photos appear on your smartphone, tablet, desktop or smart TV in full resolution. Review, curate, and enjoy your photos even while offline.
  • Requirements

    • SDHC compatible camera (
    • WiFi enabled smartphone or tablet with the latest version iOS or Android (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Kindle, Android smartphones & tablets)
  • Technical highlights

    • Class 10 SDHC performance
    • Built-in WiFi for photo & video transfer from camera to mobile device
    • 8GB storage capability
    • WiFi transfer image support: jpeg
    • WiFi transfer video support (under 2GB per file): mpg, mov, flv, wmv, avi, mp4, mts, m4v, 3gp
    • Read/write support: all file types, including RAW
    • Eyefi Cloud support: jpeg
    • Latest security standards (improved WPA2-PSK plus static WEP 64/128 and WPA-PSK)
    • Limited 1 Year Warranty
  • FAQs

    Can I use the camera I already own?
    Eyefi wireless SDHC cards are compatible with thousands of cameras from the most popular and well-known brands. For specific compatibility information, visit 

    Is Eyefi Mobi really that easy to set up?
    Yes. On the back of the Mobi card case is a unique activation code. Simply install the Eyefi Mobi app on your compatible iOS, Android or Kindle device and enter the code when prompted.

    How much storage can I get?
    Eyefi Mobi stores up to 4,000 photos or 3h of video with 8GB SDHC capacity and is supercharged with class 10 read & write speeds for fast action shots. Mobi also comes as 16GB and 32GB capacity. All Eyefi Mobi cards include membership to the Eyefi Cloud with unlimited photo storage.

    Do videos transfer wirelessly too?
    Absolutely. Eyefi Mobi transfers works together with the Eyefi Mobi mobile apps and desktop transfer. WiFi transfer supports many types of video files (each under 2GB per file), including mpg, mov, flv, wmv, avi, mp4, mts, m4v, 3gp. Syncing of videos via the Eyefi Cloud is currently not supported.

    Is the WiFi transfer secure?
    Once paired to your device, the wireless network that the Mobi card creates is encrypted with WPA2 security and a unique (to each SD card) password. As long as you don't share that password, the transfer is fully secure.

    Will Mobi transfer photos and videos to my computer too?
    Eyefi Mobi connects your camera directly to a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

    How is Eyefi Cloud different from other storage services?
    Your private photo collection is the center of the Eyefi Cloud experience. Photos are not an add-on to what we offer – they are the focus. So you won't see spreadsheets, random files or documents in any part of your experience with Eyefi Cloud. Just the beauty of your pictures.

    Will my photos remain private?
    Your photos belong to you. If you decide to share them, we won't ask the people you share your photos with to register for a new account, share their names or solicit to them. We respect your privacy and theirs.

    Do you store my originals?
    Eyefi Cloud keeps an original resolution version of your photos available for you to access anytime. Seconds after taking a photo, Eyefi apps will transfer the original image to your private cloud. Even if you lose or delete the image from your camera, you'll always have it in Eyefi Cloud.

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