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Samsung Giga Sound System (MX-F830B/ZA)
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  • Visual Sound

    Samsung Mini Component Audio System’s LED Lighting actually visualizes the sound vividly through the LED Flash Speaker and Volume. Visualized sound thanks to LED Lighting will take the enjoyment of the party to the next level.
  • Entertainment Mode

    This entertainment system is built for complete convenience. With multiple connections from your favorite devices like MP3 or CD players, it’s easy to convert your music into MP3 format with the EZ MP3 Maker. Move your favorite CD albums to MP3 format with CD Ripping and use the 2 USB copy to copy feature to transfer songs between two USBs. Set the Radio Rec. Timer function and record your favorite radio program. The USB Total Solution is easy, simple and hassle-free.
  • Giga Sound Blast

    Upgrade your sound system with Samsung’s Giga Sound Blast. With Giga Sound Blast, you will experience firsthand the superior performance aimed at delivering sound that will bring you to your feet. The enhanced low-frequency bass levels and revamped quick high-frequency levels produce twice the sound volume and quality, making it the perfect party guest.
  • Stadium EQ

    The Samsung Mini Component System comes with a feature that is sure to make you feel that you’re in the midst of a cheering crowd at a football game. The new Caster EQ enhances the clarity of each commentator while the Stadium EQ lets you experience all the shouts and cheers of the game from your living room. Enjoy the game without the hassle of going there.
  • USB CD Auto Change

    The USB CD Auto Change function automatically switches between your USB and CD when the music stops on either one. It’s like having a continuous soundtrack.
  • 2 USB Ports

    You don’t need any hassles in transferring the data in one USB to another one. Samsung Audio System’s ‘Port to Port copy’ feature brings the convenience to your life by transferring data between 2 USBs without connecting any wires.
  • MP3 Creation

    Enjoy fast and flexible MP3 creation from a range of audio sources. With the built-in EZ MP3 Maker, you can use your audio system to make high-quality MP3 files via CD ripping or recording from FM radio and AUX input. With a suitable cable, you can even connect a turntable and transfer vinyl records into digital media. It’s easy to convert your music collection into this convenient modern format.
  • Radio Recording

    Enjoy all your favorite radio programs with the Samsung Audio System’s Radio Recording Timer feature. Simply set the start and stop times andyour Samsung Audio System automatically captures the audio recording, which you can enjoy at your leisure.
  • Karaoke

    With the Samsung MX-E830B0, you can experience a whole new dimension of fun – there’s no need to go out for a karaoke night. Instead, call your friends over and have your own little music night with the My Karaoke and MIC mixing function. The My Karaoke function removes the vocals from your favourite songs and leaves only the background music so that people can sing to it. Even better, records vocals with the background music on the spot.
  • Powerful Engineering

    Make way for the best in sound engineering. The Mini Component System delivers unrivalled powerful sound experience and is sure to make your surroundings jump with the beat of music. It is optimized for low base sound, complete with fuller beats. The jet engine speakers are specifically designed for clear and detailed sound, with a premium and futuristic look.
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