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SWDVR-42550H - DVR4-2550 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder
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  • The Swann DVR4-2550 Digital Video Recorder delivers everything you need to defend your home or business, safeguard your loved ones and deter intruders. It is cutting-edge surveillance technology made easy, at an affordable price, which can be completed by adding your choice of cameras.

    The system includes a state-of-the-art 4 Channel DVR4-2550 digital video recorder for simultaneous viewing and recording of 4 video streams locally, over the Internet or on your 3G Smartphone. The unit has H.264 video compression for fast, efficient recording and playback. You can also adjust the frame rate and image resolution with real-time recording on all 4 channels (30fps per channel, 120 fps total) and the ability to adjust the recording settings for each camera to the resolution you choose from 352 x 240 pixels (CIF) up to 704 x 480 pixels (D1).

    A massive 500GB SATA hard drive is pre-installed to allow up to 120 days+ of continuous recording from all 4 channels. You can also record for longer, save time and hard drive space using the DVR4-2550's advanced motion activated recording. Even better, the time and date are integrated into your video files, allowing you to find incident footage and transfer events to a USB flash drive for easy storage and retrieval when the time is right. You can also configure the DVR to send you email alerts when activity is detected for peace of mind, all the time.

  • The PRO-580 Professional Multi-Purpose Day/Night Cameras feature 480 TV Lines 1/4" Sony CCD video sensors and thanks to the state-of-the-art, high-resolution video technology, you can keep a continuous eye out for thieves, vandals, break-ins, or any other suspicious activity. The powerful infrared night vision can clearly see up to 65ft / 20m away making the Cameras ideal for monitoring driveways, businesses, hallways, cars, warehouses and more at any hour of the day.

    Everything you need is included in the pack including 4 x 60ft /18m BNC cables for connecting to a DVR, power adapter, mounting screws, theft deterrent stickers and operating instructions.

  • The PRO-580 Cameras are truly weather proof with a water proof rating of IP67 and the ability to operate in freezing conditions down to -4 degrees F. For added security the PRO-580 Cameras have the cable threaded through their mounting brackets to hide any exposed wires and reduce the risk of vandalism. When combined with a Swann DVR you'll be able to record, store, and remotely view footage online for total peace of mind. Best of all, their "plug & play" installation, with mounting screws and plugs included in the pack, makes set-up incredibly simple indoor or outdoors.

    As a specialist in DIY Security, you can buy Swann products with confidence knowing you will be keeping your loved ones, home or business safe. Swann offers 12 month warranty and stands by its promise of Lifetime Support to make advanced security easy to use, install and maintain. Everything is in the pack but if you need it, Swann’s help desk is available with extended hours to answer any questions you may have. If you don’t have the time to DIY, Swann can organize installation with full details in the pack.

    The Swann PRO-580 Day/Night Camera 4 Pack. It really is advanced security made easy.

    + 120 days recording achieved using lower settings, default settings give 14 days recording

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