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  • Dual Displays, Four Modes of Use- ASUS TAICHI™ Ultrabook™ Convertible

    Two screens, one incredible PC. Featuring dual Full HD displays, the ASUS TAICHI™ offers four unique modes that deliver more than just the productivity of a notebook and the convenience of a tablet. Read on to find out:

    1. Notebook Mode
    Lift the lid and the TAICHI™ becomes a full- featured notebook with a backlit keyboard and multi-touch touchpad.

    2. Tablet Mode
    Close the lid and the TAICHI™ transforms into a multi-touch tablet giving you complete fingertip control.

    3. Mirror Mode
    Mirror mode shows the same image on both back-to-back screens, so it’s perfect for showing a presentation or sharing a movie without the need for a bulky projector or worrying about where everyone will sit.

    4. Dual-Screen Mode
    The TAICHI™ becomes two computers as each screen can be used separately as a notebook and tablet running different apps.
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