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Avery® Shipping Tags 12345, Unstrung, Red, 4-3/4" x 2-3/8", Box of 1000
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  • Ensure that shipping information is always easy to read and see. These Shipping Tags are strong in both construction and color. Their bright hue stands out to make it simple to locate shipping information, yet is light enough to make the information easily legible. A reinforced hole provides extra strength so the tag doesn't rip free of its fastening during shipment. Each tag comes unstrung to allow you to fasten it using your preferred means of attachment, whether string, wire, plastic or another method. With these tags, you can be confident your shipping information won't be missed.

    • Tags come unstrung to allow you to attach them as you prefer
    • Colorful cardstock is easy to locate and read
    • Reinforced hole ensures tag won't rip free of its fastening
    • Includes 1000 shipping tags
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