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Brilliant Image Performance

Full HD 1080p Magnificence

The term Full HD refers to a native resolution of 1920x1080, the highest resolution HD currently available. With resolution at 1080p, you see each image in its full magnificent detail, and every viewing and gaming experience becomes more absorbing.


2000 ANSI Lumen High Brightness

The EP5920 gives you a high brightness of 2000 ANSI lumens to ensure a great viewing experience even under low ambient light.

5,000:1 Ultra High Contrast Ratio

An ultra-high contrast ratio of 5,000:1 enhances every picture with razor-sharp details and superbly rendered image definition – so no action is missed.

Simple and Easy Setup with Comprehensive Connectivity

Dual HDMI 1.3 Interface

HDMI is the highest connection standard for a high definition picture, and now you have a dual HDMI interface to enjoy more without having to swap cables each time you want to view digital content from a second source.



Built-in 10W Big Speaker

BenQ EP5920 completes your home theater experience with a built-in 10W big speaker. All you need to do is plug ‘n play to enjoy a big picture and great sounds!






Low Total Cost of Ownership

6,000-Hour Long Lamp Life

A special cooling technology is incorporated to prevent the lamp from overheating, lowering the cost for lamp replacement significantly. The lamp life is further extended to a maximum of 9.6 years* under the Eco Mode**.

*Calculated by 4 hours/day, 8 hours/weekend, for 52 weeks/year
**Actual lamp life may vary due to different environment conditions and usage.




Quick Cooling with <1W Standby Power

BenQ's DLP projector engine design reduces the cooling time by over 60% and lowers the power consumption to <1W while the projector is inactive with the Standby Mode on.





No Filter Cleaning or Replacement

With the DLP filter-free design, you get to save the cost and hassles of filter maintenance and replacement all together – and get better projection quality, too. 





Virtually Color Decay-Free

The DLP engine is virtually immune to color decay, delivering an extended lifespan of reliable color performance without developing a yellow or green tint overtime.



Green for Earth

ecoFACTS Label

ecoFACTS can tell you how eco-friendly BenQ products are!

Development of eco-friendly products, BenQ doesn't just want to comply with green regulations passively, but also to actively develop eco-friendly products!

ecoFACTS declares BenQ's greatest efforts on the replacement of hazardous substances, material selection, packaging design, energy-saving design and other aspects of the products.

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