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DGL-5500 Gaming Router
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D-Link Gaming Router


You are a gamer. A streamer. A competitor. A watcher. A consumer. You are all these things and more. Connect with something powerful enough to keep up with you. D-Link’s Gaming Router features powerful traffic shaping technology that gives you real-time control over your bandwidth so that – whatever you’re into – you can do more and lagless.

Feed your performance. Feed the game.


Today’s multiplayer environments are more competitive than ever. Given the limited amount of bandwidth coming into your home, your gaming advantage depends on making the most of it. D-Link’s Gaming Router (DGL-5500), featuring Qualcomm® StreamBoost™ technology, was specifically created to help you do more and lag less. Simply put: StreamBoost gives your games and applications what they need, where they need it most. It’s much more than QoS – it’s traffic shaping.1  


Why You Need It

Your Current Router is Doing You Wrong 

We've all experienced it: gaming, interrupted. Room mates streaming movies, family members downloading large files, significant others using Skype or Facetime -- this is your bandwidth, damn it! The lifeblood of your gaming experience! Protect it while ensuring that everyone else in your home gets the best possible online experiences with D-Link's Gaming Router with StreamBoost.





QoS has been promising to solve the problem of multiple, simultaneous web users for years, without ever fully delivering.


So when we got our hands on StreamBoost we were as skeptical as you likely are. Until we experienced the performance. My god, the performance! StreamBoost isn't QoS -- it's something much more powerful. A sophisticated Traffic Shaping engine intelligently manages bandwidth in ways traditional QoS engines can't touch. And because it is both app-aware and device-aware, you can be confident that the indignity and inconvenience of lag has become a thing of the past.



  1. 1 D-Link does not guarantee access to or the availability of all StreamBoost features.
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