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KRE-O Transformers Optimus Prime Construction Set (30689)
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The 542 pieces and 5 poseable Kreon figures in this Optimus Prime Construction set give you everything you need to imagine incredible Transformers adventures! The Optimus Prime Construction Set gives you the power to build your Own Optimus Prime Transformers figure! Brick by brick; build the robot whose leadership the other Autobots follow without question. But don't stop there; when Optimus Prime has a need for speed, you can rebuild him into a semi trailer truck. Break him down into individual bricks and then reassemble him as the powerful semi trailer truck that rivals the brute power of any Decepticon enemy! When he needs support, send the 1.75-inch Kreon figures to his side. Armed with their weapons, their small size and speedy motorcycles allow them to infiltrate the Decepticon base and go places even Optimus Prime can’t reach. It's an incredible team in a box, and the building is all up to you!

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