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Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Signature Series Force FX Lightsaber
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  • Experience the Sights and Sounds of a Lightsaber!

    Grasp the highly detailed hilt in your hands and feel the realistic weight of this beautifully crafted collectible. Activate the Lightsaber and you will hear the power-up sound as the blade illuminates with a bright blue glow. When you move the blade, you will hear clashing sounds as if you were Anakin Skywalker preparing to take on a squad of Battle Droids. This collectible saber also makes the iconic humming sound of an ignited blade to further let you immerse yourself in the role of this powerful Jedi.
  • Display Your Lightsaber Proudly!

    When you shut down the Anakin Skywalker Signature Series Force FX Lightsaber, the Lightsaber makes the classic power-down sound that you hear in the Star Wars movies and the blade stops glowing to complete the power-down sequence. This collectible is designed to be admired for its authentic details, so show it off by placing it on the special stand that comes with the Lightsaber. The stand gently cradles this exquisite collectible for all your friends to admire.

  • Just Like a Real Lightsaber!

    This official replica of the Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber has a glowing, bright blue blade and makes power-up, power-down, motion sensor-controlled clash and idle hum sounds. The durable metal hilt looks and feels like a real Lightsaber. It comes with a stand so you can proudly display your Signature Series Force FX Lightsaber collectible.
  • Includes

    Lightsaber, display base and instructions.
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