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K64370A - Keyboard for Life Standard Keyboard USB
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  • The Keyboard for Life features a spill-proof design with a sealed membrane that resists coffee, water, soda and other liquids. With a standard key layout, it offers reliable Plug & Play operation with a wired USB connection. And it’s built to last, with a limited lifetime warranty and free technical support.

    • Comfort Type Keys
    • Full-Size Keyboard
    • Wired USB Connection
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Warranty is only valid if purchased through Kensington Authorized Resellers)

  • Spill-Proof Protection

    A thin membrane around the keyboard and underneath the keys ensures that any accidental spills from water, coffee, sodas or other liquids won’t damage the electronics and can be simply wiped dry.
  • Full-Size Keyboard

    With 6 rows of keys including a numeric keypad, the layout is ideal for the touch typist looking for a professional experience to maximize their productivity.
  • Wired USB Connection

    Provides direct and reliable connection for continuous performance and eliminates the need for batteries.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Built to last, this could be the last keyboard you ever have to buy and we’ll replace or fix it if something goes wrong with it.
  • About Kensington

    Kensington understands the link between productivity and protection. This drives them to engineer security elements into all of Kensington's products and technology platforms. Businesses, organizations, professional users and consumers each value the assurance provided by the "smart. safe. simple" brand promise, which Kensington applies to everything they design, manufacture, and market.
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