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PowerPoint 2007 upgrade
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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 product overview
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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 enables users to quickly create high-impact, dynamic presentations, while integrating workflow and ways to easily share information. From the new Microsoft Office Fluent user interface to the new graphics and formatting capabilities, Office PowerPoint 2007 puts the control in your hands to create great-looking presentations.

Office PowerPoint 2007 presentation

Use Office PowerPoint 2007 to quickly create high-impact, dynamic presentations.
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Create dynamic presentations

Quickly create dynamic and great-looking presentations using the new results-oriented user interface and new graphics capabilities.

  • Get better results faster with the new Office Fluent user interface. The new Office Fluent user interface in Office PowerPoint 2007 has a new look and feel to make creating, presenting, and sharing presentations an easier and more intuitive experience. You now have all of the rich features and capabilities of PowerPoint in a streamlined, uncluttered workspace that minimizes distraction and helps you achieve the results you want more quickly and easily.
  • Create powerful, dynamic SmartArt diagrams. Easily create relationship, workflow, or hierarchy diagrams from within Office PowerPoint 2007. You can even convert a bulleted list into a SmartArt diagram or modify and update existing diagrams. It’s also easy for users to take advantage of rich formatting options with the contextual diagramming menus in the new user interface.
  • Help ensure that your content is up to date. With PowerPoint Slide Libraries, you can easily repurpose slides from existing presentations stored on a site supported by Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Not only does this cut down the time you spend creating presentations, but any slides you insert from the site can be synchronized with the server version, to help ensure your content is up to date.
  • Create presentations quickly and easily by re-using custom layouts. In Office PowerPoint 2007, you can define and save your own custom slide layouts, so you no longer have to waste valuable time cutting and pasting your layouts onto new slides or deleting content on a slide with the layout you want. With PowerPoint Slide Libraries, it is easy to share these custom slides with others so that your presentations have a consistent and professional look and feel.
  • Apply a consistent look and feel in one click. Document Themes help you change the look and feel of your entire presentation with just one click. Changing the theme of your presentation not only changes the background color but the colors of diagrams, tables, charts, and fonts, and even the style of any bullet points within a presentation. By applying a theme, you can be confident that your entire presentation has a professional and consistent look and feel.
  • Dramatically modify shapes, text, and graphics with new tools and effects. You can now manipulate and work with your text, tables, charts, and other presentation elements in much richer ways than ever before. Office PowerPoint 2007 makes these tools readily available through the streamlined user interface and contextual menus, so that in just a few clicks, your work can have greater impact.
Formatting tools in Office PowerPoint 2007

Create powerful diagrams using the new, rich formatting tools in Office PowerPoint 2007.
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Effectively share presentations

Dramatically improve the way users share and repurpose information.

  • Communicate with users across platforms and devices. Help ensure broad communication with your PowerPoint presentations by converting your files to XML Paper Specification (XPS) and PDF for sharing with users on any software platform.1
  • Reduce your document sizes and improve file recovery at the same time. The new, compressed Microsoft Office PowerPoint XML Format offers a dramatic reduction in file size, while also offering an improvement in data recovery for damaged files. This new format provides a tremendous savings to storage and bandwidth requirements, and reduces the burden on IT personnel.
  • Integrate presentations stored in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services with Microsoft Office Outlook. With Office Outlook 2007, you can fully interact with information stored in Windows SharePoint Services anywhere, anytime. Any changes you make to the presentation saved in Outlook will be reflected on the server version when you reconnect to your network.
  • Easily repurpose and share content. Wish there were a better way to reuse content from one presentation to another? With PowerPoint Slide Libraries, you can store presentations as individual slides on a site supported by Office SharePoint Server 2007 and easily repurpose the content later from within PowerPoint. Not only does this cut down the time you spend creating presentations, but any slides you insert can remain synchronized with the server version to help ensure your content is always up to date.
  • Use Microsoft Office Groove 2007 for real-time review sessions. Using Groove 2007, you can initiate a live review of a PowerPoint presentation within a Groove workspace. You can view and work on a presentation collaboratively and in real time with your teammates while taking advantage of presence information and instant messaging capabilities built right into your workspace.
PowerPoint Slide Libraries

Save time creating content and help ensure your presentation is up to date using PowerPoint Slide Libraries.
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1 You can save as a PDF or XPS file from a 2007 Microsoft Office system program only after you install an add-in.

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Manage presentations efficiently

Apply the right protections to your presentations and easily initiate a review workflow.

  • Initiate a review or approval workflow right from within Office PowerPoint 2007. With Office PowerPoint 2007 and Office SharePoint Server 2007, you can send a presentation to your team for review or create a formal approval process and collect signatures on that presentation, making collaboration a smooth and easy process.
  • Help protect the private information in your documents. Detect and remove unwanted comments, hidden text, or personally identifiable information using the Document Inspector, to prepare your presentation to be shared with others.
  • More securely share your PowerPoint presentations. You can now add a digital signature to PowerPoint presentations to help ensure that the contents are not changed after it leaves your hands, or mark a presentation as “final” to prevent inadvertent changes. Using content controls, you can create and deploy structured PowerPoint templates that guide users into entering the correct information, while helping to protect and preserve the information in the presentation that cannot be changed.
Easily initiate a review or approval workflow

Help ensure that your presentation does not change after it leaves your hands by using a digital signature.
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