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  • An Easy to Integrate Web and Email Content Security Solution for Medium Sized Businesses with an Existing Firewall.

    NETGEAR STM content security gateways offer complete protection of a medium business's Web and email traffic. Modern Web 2.0 & cloud computing threats are mitigated through anti- virus, phishing, spam, and spyware technologies.
  • Enterprise Strength Spam, Virus, & Web Filter Security

    The ProSECURE® STM series of content security gateways uses a patented Stream Scanning architecture to deliver best-of-breed business security. The STM employs millions of signatures to protect against known threats, and in-the-cloud zero-hour protection technology to proactively discover and block any suspected threats that have not yet been identified. Likewise, the NETGEAR in-the-cloud Distributed Spam Analysis architecture shields networks from spam, phishing attacks, and other email-borne threats. Other solutions significantly dilute the efficacy of their offering by either utilizing open source or cutting essential features and services from their enterprise products to fit an SMB price point. But through its patented Stream Scanning architecture, NETGEAR provides complete enterprise-grade solutions, including advanced scanning technologies such as its comprehensive anti-virus engine, in-the-cloud Distributed Spam Analysis, and a proactive behavioral defense system that eliminates the gap between a vulnerability being exploited and the time it is fixed. With ProSECURE® STM, installation is simple. Simply install it behind an existing firewall and the network will be protected from Web and Email threats within minutes.
  • Revolutionary Stream Scanning Platform

    Given the high performance requirements of virus scanning, protecting latency sensitive Web traffic has often been a very difficult task using traditional anti-virus scanning methods. Attempting to scan viruses on legacy firewall platforms can slow network traffic to a crawl. This exposes an entire vector of the network to malware-based attacks. ProSECURE® STMs feature patented Stream Scanning Technology which analyses data streams as they enter the network. This significantly reduces latency and in conjunction with an extensive anti-virus library with over 5 million signatures, offers an unprecedented combination of speed and coverage.
  • Simple Setup, Ease of Management

    The ProSECURE® STM deploys in-line in a matter of minutes, anywhere in the network. It runs automatically and unobtrusively. There is no need to reconfigure the network, unlike traditional proxy-based solutions. Simply set and forget. Administration is performed through an intuitive Web-based interface. Set granular per user/group-based policies and alerts, check summary statistics and graphical reports, drill down to IP address-level data, send log data to third party syslog servers, and integrate with standard network management tools via SNMP. For many administrators and IT personnel one of their biggest nightmares is the management of individual licenses or “seats”. Buying additional licenses when computers and personnel are added to the network is time consuming and costly. The ProSECURE® STM series offers Web and email protection subscriptions with no “per-user” licensing.
  • GUI Demonstration for ProSECURE® Content Security/Secure Web Gateway STM Appliances

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