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Samsung New! 2.1 Channel Audio Bar Home Theater System (HW-D450/ZA)
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  • Enhanced experience with Virtual Surround Sound

    Experience a rich, powerful sound that completely envelopes you. All it takes is a 2.1 channel audio system consisting of two front speakers and a subwoofer to allow you to enjoy amazing virtual surround sound.
  • Wall mountable to maximize space

    Are you a fan of minimalist design or want to free up space? Maximize your room's potential and throw out your entertainment stand. With the included wall mount, it’s easy to secure to the wall alongside or underneath a wall mounted HDTV. So you can enjoy an elegant, cleaner living space.
  • Enhanced sound with Wireless Subwoofer

    You'll really feel the sound with our wireless powered subwoofer, but you won't see it: since its wireless, you can place it anywhere, even behind furniture or in a corner.
  • Powerful 2.1-channel sound with unique 3D Audio depth technology

    The powerful 2.1-channel surround sound is delivered with unique “3D audio depth" technology; the wireless subwoofer supports the low end of the audio spectrum with thundering bass.
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