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Samsung 23” 550 Series LED Monitor
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  • Breakthrough Picture Quality with LED Technology

    Samsung's LED monitors deliver a visually stunning picture quality that leaves you speechless. Just as you’ve seen in Samsung LED TV’s, our LED monitors make colors more rich and the action more real than you’ve dreamt possible. Let the story come to life with vivid colors and crystal-clear detail.
  • Automatic On/Off with Eco Motion Sensor

    The SA550 utilizes the latest sensor technology. A built-in PIR (Pyrolectric Infrared Ray) sensor automatically detects your presence in front of the monitor screen. This allows the monitor to automatically dim, then power off, but then power back on once it detects a nearby viewer. The Eco Motion sensor is the easiest way to conserve energy.
  • Consume Less Energy and Run Cooler

    Engineered with ecologically responsible consumers and businesses in mind, Samsung's LED technology reduces power consumption up to 40%--making our LED displays much more efficient than conventional LCD monitors. Your monitor will stay cool to the touch, even after a long day of hard work. Lower your monitor’s power consumption without sacrificing
    performance with an LED backlight.
  • Avoid Clutter & Unsightly Cables

    The 550 Series monitor design hides the cables to eliminate unsightly clutter and tangles. Two covers snap on to hide the cables in the monitor’s neck. Along with the cable management solution, the 550 Series has a transparent stand base which adds to the premium design.
  • Reduce Eye Strain with Eco Light Sensor

    Have a comfortable viewing experience and also save electricity with Samsung’s Eco Light Sensor. By adjusting screen brightness to match the surrounding environment, the SA550’s Eco Light Sensor reduces eye strain while also minimizing your energy consumption. The monitor’s brightness is adjusted to match ambient light, which ensures that the screen is highly visible and appropriately set for your eyes.
  • Perfect from Every Angle with MagicAngle

    Ever look at your monitor from an angle? Did the display look washed out, distorted or just hard to see? Samsung’s MagicAngle technology improves the off-angle viewing performance of the monitor so that it maintains superb image quality even if you are leaning back, lying down, or have the monitor mounted on the wall. Activating MagicAngle is simple. Just go into the monitor menu and select your screen position from one of four monitor angle settings. Once set, you can enjoy images in full clarity and color depth no matter what position the monitor is facing.
  • Get a Better Connection with HDMI

    Monitors aren’t just for computers any more. Now you can watch TV programs, movies, or play your game console on your monitor too. Simply select a monitor with an HDMI port and connect it to your cable box, BluRay player, HD game system, or any other device with an HDMI output. Best of all, you can connect your computer to different video ports (VGA, or an
    additional HDMI port) and switch back and forth
    without having to unplug anything. To switch
    between inputs, press the “Source" button on the monitor.
  • Rated EPEAT® Gold Standard

    By meeting and exceeding the highest green standards, this product has been rated GOLD by the EPEAT®. The rating is based on the environmental impact in a complete product lifecycle, so consumers can easily match high-performance electronics with green benefits. Earning this top rating means this product surpasses standard green criteria by at least 75%.
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