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Samsung 27” 950 Series 3D LED Monitor and Complete 3D Kit
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  • Extremely Lifelike Colors

    Samsung’s top of the line panel creates extraordinarily lifelike images, in both 2D and 3D. Technologies like Ultra Clear Panel and 100% Photo Accuracy take color vibrancy and accuracy to the next level.
  • 1080p Resolution in 2D and 3D

    Unlike passive 3D technologies, which cut the resolution in half, Samsung’s technology allows you to see every detail in Full 1080p HD.
  • Complete 3D Solution in the Box

    Includes everything you need to get going: one pair of 3D glasses, a built-in sync emitter, and DDD’s TriDef 3D gaming software.
  • Eco Sensors for Unparalleled Convenience

    The Eco Motion Sensor automatically turns the monitor on and off as you come and go. The Eco Light Sensor automatically adjusts the brightness to match the room lighting, reducing eye strain.
  • See the next level with the 3D HyperReal Engine

    Samsung achieves the very highest standard in 3D entertainment with its 3D HyperReal Engine. It is a brain-like technology that allows the SA950 series to control color, contrast, 3D effects and motion for mind-blowing results. Full HD 3D visuals are so life-like and crystal-clear. The HyperReal Engine not only makes a captivating experience, it adjusts the 3D picture to be as comfortable as possible.
  • A Brighter 3D Experience

    Don’t like wearing sunglasses indoors? Samsung's 3D monitor glasses let twice as much ambient light through as competing technology. Because Samsung built all parts of this 3D experience, it optimized the coordination of the panel backlight and glasses shutter. The result is that the glasses shutter is open more of the time, and you’ll have a more comfortable viewing experience.
  • Optimize your viewing experience with Eco Light Sensor

    Take the strain out of watching images on your monitor with Samsung’s Eco Light Sensor. The Eco Light Sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the Samsung LED Monitor by measuring the intensity of the light within the room. By controlling the amount of light used to create its images, the SA950 series reduces eye strain while being extremely energy efficient. Plus, the Eco Light Sensor provides up to nine adjustable sensitivity and brightness settings so you can enjoy a lighting environment that’s most comfortable for you.
  • Rated EPEAT® Gold Standard

    By meeting and exceeding the highest green standards, this product has been rated GOLD by the EPEAT®. The rating is based on the environmental impact in a complete product lifecycle, so consumers can easily match high-performance electronics with green benefits. Earning this top rating means this product surpasses standard green criteria by at least 75%
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