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Samsung Series 9 13” Notebook
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  • Craftsmanship at its Thinnest

    The new Samsung Series 9 is the pinnacle of design and technical acumen. That’s why it’s the perfect reflection of the person who owns one. Over 30,000 hours of passionate attention to every detail went into seamlessly integrating powerful processing into a polished aluminum uni-body design. An iconic look and feel pushes the envelope with an edge just .51 inches thin. If the Series 9 had any competition, they would pale in comparison.
  • Powerful Processing with Purpose

    With the new state-of-the-art Intel® Core™ i5 Processor you get optimized power management when you are playing the latest 3D games, editing and compressing large-size photos or HD video, or multi-tasking. It has Turbo Boost Technology to accelerate your PC’s performance by intuitively allocating CPU processing power when you really need it. The Series 9 is the perfect technology to help you be more productive on the go – and on your way to the top.
  • Let There Be Backlight

    The backlit keyboard illuminates your workspace and is easy to see regardless of the time of day, your cross-country flight status or your environment. And the smart sensing technology automatically adjusts the brightness based on available light. With the Series 9 you’re ready to master anything that comes your way — and always with style. Get your hands on one and you’ll never look and feel quite the same about the design of a keyboard again.
  • Connectivity without Compromise

    The power of networking is important, but with the new Series 9 it’s all about connections. The Series 9 is equipped with a full line of ports for ultimate connectivity, even a full size, masterfully designed SD card slot. And to keep you plugged into what’s next, it also features micro HDMI and both mini Ethernet and VGA connectors that are ready to go with an adapter dongle. Connect your world — every bit of it.
  • Set Your Laptop to Stun

    The Series 9 is striking to look at, but it also sets a premium performance standard. With extremely fast startup speeds and nearly instant resume from sleep, the Series 9 lets you get even more done and leaves every other PC in the airport lounge or conference room behind. The Series 9 isn’t just a laptop, it’s a game changer. From the very moment you open the Series 9 be prepared to savor the experience of the wow factor.
  • Solid State Drive to Start Even Faster

    You can take it with you. The Series 9 features a 128 GB solid state drive (SSD) that offers plenty of storage. And, with no moving parts, your data is more secure. It boots up 60% faster than a hard disk drive (HDD) and you’ll use less power with faster data access. Fast Start Technology saves your data and system configurations to your hard drive and PC memory, so in an instant you can power back on right where you left off.
  • A Display that’s Twice as Bright

    Form meets function in the Series 9 13.3" display screen. It’s twice as bright as a standard screen, has an unmatched viewing angle at 170 degrees and features SuperBright™ Plus display HD+ technology that transforms your viewing experience with 400-nit brightness so you see brilliant color and images even when viewing in direct sunlight. And with HD+, you can fit more of what you really want on your screen and do less scrolling.
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