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Samsung Series 7 11.6” Slate
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  • Run Your Favorite Software

    The Windows 7 OS allows you to run all your favorite office software. You can share documents with co-workers without any compatibility issues. And our Samsung touch interface gives you easy, instant access to all your programs.
  • Exclusive Fast Start Technology

    When inspiration hits, make sure you have a laptop that can keep up. With Samsung’s exclusive Fast Start technology, close the lid to enter a hybrid sleep mode, then simply open it to be up and running again in as little as two seconds.
  • A Full PC in a Sleek Form Factor

    Samsung Series 7 slate PCs offer the power and speed of a full-size PC, yet they’re a mere half-inch thick and weigh less than a pound. They’re an amazing marriage of power and design.
  • SuperBright™ Screen

    As the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD panels, our ability to deliver the sharpest, clearest image is unsurpassed. Our SuperBright™ technology is the latest example, giving you a brilliant screen that’s 36% to 50% brighter than conventional screens and displays up to 16 million colors. Every photo, video, website and document will look absolutely stunning.
  • Optional Bluetooth Keyboard and Dock

    For those times when you prefer a traditional keyboard, we offer an optional Bluetooth keyboard. And an optional dock lets you quickly and easily connect to an external monitor, printer, MP3 player, camera and other USB devices.
  • Touch it. Type it. Write on it.

    Provides a wide variety of user interface, including a wireless keyboard, digitizer pen, touchscreen interface and slate PC dock, for maximum convenience and enhanced productivity. So you can simply touch, write, or type to take lecture/meeting notes, create documents/reports, give presentations, research online or enjoy a world of vivid entertainment.
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