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Color Printing in the Workplace
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  • Lexmark’s color technology combines exceptional color performance with time-saving applications designed with your business productivity in mind to help you streamline – or even eliminate – paper intensive business processes.
  • Does your organization use color labels, signage or other special media?

    Lexmark is an industry leader in media handling. Lexmark color technology enables your staff to get high quality results by printing on a variety of media types and sizes from one device – saving money and time.

    Want business color but worried about controlling costs?

    Lexmark color control tools and embedded solutions help you manage and make intelligent decisions about color printing.

    Do you outsource color marketing materials?

    Lexmark color technology and pre-installed solutions enable your staff to have more control over business documents that require customization or updating. By printing on demand when needed, your organization saves money, reduces waste and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Are you picky about the colors on your business documents?

    Lexmark color technology enhances credibility with consistent color that helps your customers believe in and remember your products and services.
  • We can help you determine which Lexmark color products and which Lexmark applications – either built into the device or available through your dealer – can best meet your business needs.
  • Contact us! As a Lexmark Authorized Business Solutions Dealer, we understand the dynamics of color printing in the workplace and can help you make intelligent decisions on Lexmark color products.
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