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  • Lexmark Hardware Awards & Recognition

  • 2013 Outstanding Monochrome Printer/MFP Line of the Year

    Lexmark won the "Outstanding Monochrome Printer and MFP Line" award from Buyers Lab (BLI) for Winter 2013. Lexmark owes this honor to its strength across the category, winning Highly Recommended designations for five individual devices. These devices represent Lexmark's leadership in performance, features, and value in the Monochrome Printer and Printer MFP field.
  • 2013 BLI Individual Product Award Winners

    • M3150 – Outstanding A4 Monochrome Printer for Mid-Size Workgroups
    • M5170 – Outstanding A4 Departmental Monochrome Printer
    • XM1145 & XM3150 – Outstanding A4 Monochrome MFP for Mid-Size Workgroups
    • XM5163 – Outstanding A4 Monochrome MFP for Large Workgroups
  • Lexmark Solutions Awards & Recognition

  • Lexmark Hosted Testing and Grading Solution

    Lexmark Hosted Testing and Grading Solution enables teachers and administrators to quickly prepare test materials, scan and score tests, create reports and analyze data to prepare your students for higher performance on future exams.

    From BLI:
    One key benefit of Lexmark HTAG is that it enables teachers to test more often, without the hassle and costs associated with traditional bubble-sheet test platforms.
  • Lexmark Scan to SharePoint

    Lexmark Scan to SharePoint gives organizations with existing SharePoint repositories or sites an easy way to capture any type of document in real time and from anywhere, including remote locations, to make the information immediately available.

    The solution’s ease of deployment and use, along with its affordability, make it an excellent way for organizations to streamline workflow processes while getting the most out of their infrastructure investment.
  • Lexmark Accessibility Solution

    Lexmark Accessibility Solution enables workers with vision challenges to initiate print, copy, scan and fax jobs from any network-connected computer or handheld device.

    In an AFB product evaluation of the Lexmark Accessibility Solution, writer Darren Burton wrote: "We congratulate Lexmark for taking the initiative to create this access solution in a product category where there are few options for accessibility."
  • As a Lexmark Authorized Business Solutions Dealer, not only are we proud to represent Lexmark’s award-winning line of laser printers and MFPs but to offer you more value with Lexmark solutions tailored to fit your needs. Be sure and ask us for BLI award reprints which detail the hardware and solutions testing process. Even better, please come visit our showroom or call us to schedule a demo.
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