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InDesign® CC single app
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What is InDesign CC?


Design professional layouts for print and digital publishing.

InDesign CC is professional page layout software for print and digital publishing. Use it to design, preflight, and publish a broad range of content in print, online, and for tablet apps. You can create simple or complex layouts quickly and efficiently with precise control over typography, built-in creative tools, and an intuitive design environment. InDesign CC is built for designers, prepress and production professionals, and print service providers, and it’s available only in Creative Cloud.

Creative Cloud for teams is a platform for creativity that connects users, their content, apps, services, hardware, learning content, and community. It gives small to midsized business customers the creative tools and services they need to collaborate and create their best work, while making software management fast, easy, and flexible.

Key features


Enhance your digital books with
footnotes that pop up in context
on the page.

Faster performance—Perform everyday tasks faster than ever with Mercury Performance System enhancements that improve zooming in and out, scrolling using mouse wheel or PageUp/PageDown, and in-page thumbnail generation.

Work with glyphs more easily—Apply alternate glyphs for specific characters, and convert text to true fractions directly from an in-context menu. In the Glyphs panel, you can search by name, by Unicode or GID value, or by the specific character.

Adaptive Design Tools—One design. Unlimited layouts. Adaptive Design Tools, including linked content, Alternate Layouts, liquid page rules, and Content Collector tools, let you efficiently repurpose your work for various page sizes, screen sizes, and orientations without sacrificing control.

Fixed Layout EPUB—Make richly designed, highly interactive EPUB eBooks (such as children’s books, cookbooks, or travel books) with live text whose layout and design remains fixed, no matter what size screen the book is being viewed on. 

Typekit desktop fonts—Quickly access the rich library of Typekit desktop fonts directly from the InDesign Font menu. To reduce the headache of documents with missing fonts, InDesign finds missing Typekit fonts for you when the file is opened and prompts you to sync them with a single click. 

Preflight and production tools—Speed up production and reduce errors with live preflighting of print and digital documents, document-installed fonts, background PDF export, JDF technology, and PDF/X export.

Productivity tools—Work faster, smarter, and better with productivity tools for every workflow. Produce complex page layouts efficiently with Adaptive Design Tools, Smart Guides, rapid table creation, on-object controls, and more.

Robust text composition—Create sophisticated text with precise typography. Efficiently design type with styles, text wrap, the Paragraph Compose, OpenType support, drop caps, style mapping for EPUB export, and more.

Automation—Create powerful automated workflows using standards-based XML features to lay out pages with text and images. Incorporate database-driven content to publish across channels.

EPUB enhancements—New features make it easier to produce high-quality EPUB files from InDesign. You have greater control over the table of contents and CSS export, and CSS editing is simpler. You can also map object styles to tags so they export appropriately.


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