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Electrolux ICON High-Speed Oven
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  • High-Speed Oven

    High-Speed Oven provides the utmost in versatility combining high-speed oven technology with the convenience of both a microwave oven and conventional oven to meet your cooking needs.
  • High-Speed Cooking Options

    Versatile options including Speed Bake, Speed Roast and Speed Grill using high-speed oven technology for superior results.
  • Wave-Touch® Controls

    Sleek control panel illuminates with just a touch and fades away after an option is selected.
  • Versatile Cooking Settings

    With 84 basic cook settings, 100 preprogrammed and modifiable recipes and 17 microwave options, this high-speed oven is almost like having a personal chef.
  • Custom-Set™ Options

    Integrated within the cooking surface for a clean look, electronic touch-controls give you accurate control over cooking temperatures.
  • Automatic Settings

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