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LG WM2250CW Washers
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Average Customer Rating:5.0 out of 5

14 of 14 (100 %) customers would recommend this product to a friend.

Overall:  5 out of 5


Location: MD
Date: Jun 20, 2012
Great value, features, performance!

Pros: Best Features:, Performance, easy to use, Features/Settings, Quality, energy smart

"I have to admit that I bought LG when my old washing machine died and LG was highly recommended by my daughter. I went online and compared features of different models along with prices and landed on this model. It has surpassed all my expectations. It has many options for size load, agitation speed and temp that my old machine didn't have - uses very little water but the clothes always come out clean. It will figure everything out on it's own or I can bypass and choose a different temp, etc. It's also quiet! I highly recommend it. I did get the pedestal and like the higher loading height. We were also eligible for an energy rebate with this model."
Overall:  5 out of 5


Location: grand rapids, mi
Date: Jun 17, 2012
great bang for the buck

Pros: Best Features:, Performance, easy to use, Features/Settings, Quality

"washing takes a little longer then your typical washer but the dryer makes up the time. works great and pretty quiet."
Overall:  5 out of 5


Location: Killeen, TX, USA
Date: Jun 16, 2012
I'm in Love!!

Pros: Best Features:, Performance, Style/Design, easy to use, Features/Settings, Quality

"This is by far the best washer in the world. This washer is getting out stains in my clothes that I thought would never come out. It is quiet, uses water based on load size, and the clothes do not come out dripping wet. I actually don't mind doing laundry now because my clothes are super clean and it is a breeze to operate!"
Overall:  5 out of 5


Location: Guilford, CT, USA
Date: Jun 13, 2012
quiet and efficient

Pros: Best Features:, Performance, Quality

"Before I got my lg washer, I believed the detergent commercials: the best detergent washed clothes the best. Turns out, it's not the detergent -- it's the washer! This machine washes detergent-commercial clean every time! And does so quietly. I love the sweet little tune at the end. Just the touch to make "doing the laundry" not a big deal."
Overall:  5 out of 5


Location: Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Date: Jun 10, 2012
Many More Improvements

Pros: Best Features:, Performance, Style/Design, easy to use, Features/Settings, Quality, repeat buyer

"We had purchased an earlier model...and still use at our primary residence. This LG washer was purchased as a replacement for tacky/old/inefficient one in the condo. Since we've used/loved LG washers and dryers before...there was no question that we would be repeat buyers. We even recommended it/them to our realtor. I can see the positive differences. It's quieter still, there is much less water/condensation on the front and between the rubber gaskets. Therefore, it's much less likely to have mold/smell, etc. It is efficient in that it uses much less water than a conventional washer...and it does a phenomenal job"
Overall:  5 out of 5


Location: Woodland, CA
Date: Jun 08, 2012
Great Washer

Pros: Best Features:, Quality

"We have been using ours for four months or so and have had no trouble at all. I even like the little song it plays at start up and when it's done. It works very well and I would recommend it to a friend."
Overall:  5 out of 5


Location: Grandview, MO, USA
Date: Jun 07, 2012
Love this washer!!

Pros: Best Features:, Performance, easy to use, Quality

"I love this washer! I love all the extras, and the huge capacity! It takes a little longer to do a load, but with the large capacity drum I can do twice as much as I did in my old top-loader. Lots of settings, and it's so easy to use, even my 10 year old can run it. No more unbalanced loads, and everything comes out so clean. Definitely would recommend this washer to anyone."
Overall:  5 out of 5


Location: San Diego, CA
Date: Jun 01, 2012
Couldn't be happier

Pros: Best Features:, Performance, Style/Design, easy to use, Features/Settings, Quality

"I love love love my new washer. I have three kids and it handles everything that gets on their clothes. It holds plenty of clothes so I use less time washing clothes and it has great features and is super quiet. I can't wait to get my matching dryer."
Overall:  5 out of 5


Location: Montross Va
Date: May 29, 2012
So far so good

Pros: Best Features:, Performance

"Only had the machine a month but it seems to do a good job washing. We tried another top loader that just didn't move the clother around and the water level was very low. Clothers were not getting wet at the bottom of a hugh basket that you couldn't reach the bottom without a tip-toes for stool. Like another reviewer said, how do they call this a washer when the clother do get wet. The front loader LG seems to be the answer. We are saving a lot with the high spin and reduced drying time. No odor problems with the magnetic door that vents and maintenance instructions."
Overall:  5 out of 5


Location: Peachtree City, GA
Date: May 24, 2012
Very satisfied

Pros: Best Features:, Performance

"This is my third HE washer in the last 10 years, so I was concerned that this product would be another disappointment. So far, I have been pleasantly reassured. This washer handles larger loads than the first 2, is quieter, and the clothes are cleaner!! I just hope it lasts longer than 4-5 yrs."
Overall:  5 out of 5


Location: Bristol, RI
Date: May 24, 2012
I love my LG front loader washer, love it!

Pros: Best Features:, Performance, easy to use, Quality

"You wouldn't think of a washer and dryer coming from LG, but after my dryer broke and I was looking around for the new front loaders I found numerous reviews of how LG washer and dryers and simply the best in every way...Most front loaders start at a much steaper price. This washer has a wonderful feature! You put the clothes in, and hit "Play" and the sensor does it all. Of course you can pick and choose all the extra features you want, but you don't need to, you simply hit Play. The matching dryer does it all too, What a wonderful buy! I'm actually enjoying when the laundry piles up now because I have to use my new LG washer and dryer!"
Overall:  5 out of 5


Location: PA
Date: May 23, 2012

Pros: Best Features:, Performance, Style/Design, easy to use, Features/Settings, Quality

"We purchased the 2250 front loading washer & dryer a few months ago and i could NOT be happier. It is so quiet, we frequently go in to check & make sure it's even running. The clothes are super clean, it's very efficient, we have no issues with vibrations or the unit traveling across the floor. I've done delicates, hand washables, large comforters, and good old socks. Everything is super clean. I would highly recommend LG products and this unit to anyone."
Overall:  5 out of 5

Date: May 03, 2012
Quiet washer


"This washer has done a great job washing clothes. Very quiet while it is running. Lots of options for settings."
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