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AIR WICK Freshmatic Ultra Starter Kit Fresh Waters
  • In a Nutshell:

    • Automatic spray with three intensity settings
    • Portable unit requires no electrical outlet
    • Sweet scent of cool stream mixed with summer evening breeze 
    • Starter kit includes unit, spray, and batteries 
  • Three Fragrance Intensity Settings

    The AIR WICK Freshmatic Ultra Starter Kit features automatic time-release fragrance to keep your home smelling fresh at all times. Simply set the intensity control to match the needs of your home and AIR WICK Freshmatic will automatically release bursts of fresh fragrance.
  • Easy Setup and Operation

    The Freshmatic Ultra Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start freshening your home--the spray, automatic unit, and two AA batteries are included. Setup is a breeze: just place the unit on any shelf, countertop, or cupboard, making sure it is away from furniture, electronics, and heat sources.
  • Portable for Use in Any Room

    Because the AIR WICK Freshmatic Ultra Starter Kit requires no electrical outlet, it can freshen the air in any room or area of your home.

    Please note that only AIR WICK fragrance spray refills should only be used in AIR WICK Freshmatic units. 

  • About AIR WICK

    Developed in 1943, AIR WICK was one of the first odor eliminators and left homes across America smelling clean and fresh. Today, AIR WICK products are available in a variety of formats and fragrances, from robust automatic sprays to indulgent candles, so you can ensure your home always smells fresh and inviting and creates just the right atmosphere to enhance your mood.
  • Package Contents

    Freshmatic Ultra Starter Kit with one automatic unit, Fresh Waters fragrance spray, and two AA batteries.
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