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Crest Pro-Health Advanced Soothing Smooth Mint Toothpaste 5.8 oz.
  • Advance to a Healthier Smile

    Crest Pro-Health Advanced toothpaste is the key member of the Crest Pro-Health family. It’s formulated with clinically proven active ingredient stannous fluoride to provide our highest level of protection against dental plaque bacteria that can cause gingivitis. Pro-Health Advanced includes 8 Advanced benefits that help protect areas that dentist check most: cavities, gingivitis, acid erosion†, sensitivity, dental plaque, and tartar. Plus it helps to whiten your teeth* and keep your breath fresh. Advance to healthier gums & stronger teeth from Day 1** with Crest Pro-Health Advanced.

    *by removing surface stains
    †Acid erosion effects: Acids in everyday food can soften and thin enamel, leaving teeth less white, weaker and sensitive
    **vs. ordinary toothpaste with continued use. Starts fighting plaque and protecting enamel from Day 1
  • 8 Advanced Benefits

    You don’t have to choose between the benefits a toothpaste can offer, such as gingivitis protection, whitening or sensitivity. With Crest Pro-Health Advanced, you don’t have to compromise. Pro-Health Advanced toothpaste provides 8 Advanced benefits that help protect areas that dentists check most: cavities, gingivitis, plaque, sensitivity, tartar. It even whitens* your teeth and freshens your breath.
    *by removing surface stains
  • Advanced Key Ingredient

    Pro-Health Advanced toothpaste is formulated with clinically proven active ingredient stannous fluoride, which protects teeth against plaque and gingivitis. Pro-Health Advanced Toothpaste goes beyond regular toothpaste to help reduce plaque bacteria, while providing whitening* and tartar protection.
    *by removing surface stains
  • Choose Your Flavor

    Crest Pro-Health Advanced comes in two refreshing flavors of Smooth Mint and Energizing Mint that leave your breath feeling cool and clean after using.
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