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  • Why Purify?

    • Indoor air can have 5x as many pollutants as outdoor air
    • Pollen, dust and other allergens can float in the air inside your office for hours
    • Flu and cold viruses can live in the air for several hours

    Protect your employees from the air they breathe with Fellowes® AeraMax™ Air Purifiers, which safely remove 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.  The AeraMax™ Air Purifiers are also extremely effective at capturing the Influenza virus from indoor air (based on independent testing).

  • Superior Filters, Superior Results

    4-Stage Purification System

    The Fellowes AeraMax™ Medium Room Air Purifier uses a four-stage purification system to remove airborne particles.

    1. The carbon filter removes odors and captures large airborne particulates

    2. The True HEPA filter safely removes 99.97 percent of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen, ragweed and other allergens, viruses, germs, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander and cigarette smoke

    3. The AeraSafe antimicrobial treatment provides built-in protection from the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mildew, and fungi on the True HEPA filter

    4. PlasmaTRUE technology creates an ionized field to help safely remove airborne pollutants

  • Certifications

    Certified asthma & allergy friendly™

    The Fellowes® AeraMax™ Air Purifiers are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). This certification is only awarded to air cleaning products that have scientifically demonstrated their contribution to the goals of allergen reduction. AAFA and Allergy Standard Limited (ASL) utilize stringent standards to identify only best-in-class products that are more suitable for those with asthma and allergies.

    AHAM Certified - Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers

    Fellowes® AeraMax™ Air Purifiers have been certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) with three
    Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) numbers which indicate the volume of filtered air delivered by the air purifiers (measured in ft3/min).
    There are three CADR ratings: one for smoke, one for pollen and one for dust. The higher the number, the faster the air purifier filters the air.

    California Air Resource Board

    The Fellowes AeraMax™ Air Purifiers are certified by the California Air Resource Board. To be certified, the Fellowes AeraMax™ Air Purifiers were tested for electrical safety and ozone emissions, and met the ozone emission concentration limit of 0.050 parts per million.

    Energy Star Certified

    The Fellowes® AeraMax™ Medium Room Air Purifier is Energy Star-qualified. Energy Star-qualified air purifiers are 40% more energy-efficient than non-qualifying models.

    UL Listed

    The Fellowes AeraMax™ Air Purifiers are all UL certified for your safety. UL is a world leader for over 100 years in product safety testing and certification

    3 Year Limited Warranty

    Fellowes® air purifiers are backed by a worry-free warranty, as well as knowledgeable customer service that will answer your call and provide the personalized support you deserve.

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