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  • About the Nitron!

    With 20 discs in its magazine and a full-auto acceleration trigger, the Nitron blaster makes you nearly invincible on the battlefield. Fire manually with the launch trigger when the battle calls for precision, or hose a ton of shots at your target by holding the acceleration trigger and launch trigger at the same time! Every Nerf warrior is vulnerable once the ammo runs out. But that won't happen to you as much, because you can load and store an extra 20-disc magazine in the blaster stock's storage compartment! When your ammo runs out, simply use the Magazine Release Lever to drop out the empty clip and then slam in the loaded one!
  • Versitility!

    The Nitron blaster is not only powerful but versatile. Attach Tactical Rail accessories (each sold separately) to the tactical rail on top of the blaster. Use Vortex or N-Strike accessories to get the best of both!
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