Provided by Hasbro

The 335 bricks and 3 poseable Kreon figures give you everything you need to imagine incredible Transformers adventures! Build your own Bumblebee Transformers figure with the Bumblebee Construction Set. Brick by brick; build the robot whose fighting skills are legendary among the other Autobots. But don't stop there; when Bumblebee has a need for speed, break him down into individual bricks and then reassemble him as the speedy black-and-yellow sports car that can outmaneuver any Decepticon! When he needs support, send the 1.75-inch Kreon figures to his side. They may be small, but their weapons and giant-sized courage will give Bumblebee the edge in any battle. It's an incredible team in a box, and the building is all up to you!

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