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  • Four Games to Play

    Choose from 4 games to play. To play Simon Lights Off, you have to line up all the cubes in the right order. Each time a cube's light shuts off, you've got it in the right position. When all the lights are off, you've done it! In Simon Shuffle, the cube colors will scramble. Can you line them up in their original order? And if you can, can you do it faster and faster? Unlock the code in Simon Secret Color by figuring out which order will show the same color on all 4 cubes. Or play the original favorite, Simon Classic. Can you remember and repeat a longer and longer sequence of colors? If so, you'll win!
  • Up to Four Players

    Simon Classic is the original Simon game, and it's also the only game you can play at the same time as other players. With 2 players, each of you can choose two colors to press as you try to repeat the Simon game's sequences. With 4 players, each player chooses one color, and the player who makes the least mistakes in the sequences wins!
  • Cool Carrying Case

    Use the cool carrying case to store your Simon cubes when you're not using them. But you can also play Simon Classic in the carrying case, because it makes it easier to keep the cube sides touching.
  • Legal Disclaimer

    Simon is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission.

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