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  • Be the First to Land Four-in-a-Row!

    The Basic Frantic Launch game challenges you to be the first to land four-in-a-row. The Championship Frantic Launch is your chance to flip to 5 points first and win. And the Advanced Power Launch is power checkers for maximum fun!
  • Basic Frantic Launch!

    Start with Basic Frantic Launch, where all you have to do is launch your checkers at either color tray. When you get 4 of your checkers in a row on the board, yell "Connect 4" and the game will stop. If you really made it, you win!
  • Championship Frantic Launch!

    The Championship Frantic Launch goes in rounds, and you start launching your checkers in your round. You get 2 points for each checker you land in the top tray, and 1 point for every one you land in the bottom one. The round ends and you win if you get 4 in a row or score 5 points!
  • Advanced Power Launch!

    The Advanced Power Launch game works the same way as the Championship Frantic Launch. But you'll use your normal checkers and your Power Checkers to control spaces! Different powers will activate depending on what happens when you launch – you might get to go again, remove all checkers from a row that you land a checker in, or remove all checkers from every space that touches where it lands!
  • Launch High or Low!

    Choose your checker color and gather your checkers on one side of the board while your opponent does the same on the other! Now your next choice is which game you want to play: the Basic Frantic Launch? The Championship Frantic Launch? Or the Advanced Power Launch? Whichever you choose, you'd better practice your mad launching skills for a few minutes to figure out how to launch each checker high or low!
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