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  • Master All 5 Actions

    Choose your level of play by repeatedly flicking the green FLICK IT lever! The Expert, Master, and Pro levels remain locked until you complete enough commands through Solo play, so work hard and unlock more challenging levels! At the harder levels, the voice commands are mixed in with color commands or sound effects, and you have to remember what each one is telling you to do! Master all 5 actions: Bop It, Twist It, Pull It, Spin It and Flick It. Then add an extra challenge by turning on Shake It!
  • Four Game Modes

    Start by playing the SOLO game to amp up your skills and unlock more challenging levels. Feel ready to take on your friends? Challenge them in one of the three other game modes but pulling the PULL IT knob: PASS IT, PARTY, or ONE-on-ONE. For the SOLO Game, hit the BOP IT button to start. Respond quickly to the commands you hear. If you don’t respond in time, or you respond incorrectly, the BOP IT! XT game will end the play! Listen carefully to hear the number of completed actions (your score) at the end of the game. The next time you play, try to beat your last score. The PASS IT game works like the SOLO game, except that you have to pass the BOP IT! XT game to the next player the second you hear "Pass it!" In the PARTY game, it's a whole-body challenge: You have to hit the Bop It! button with the same part of your body that the BOP IT! XT game calls out! In the ONE-on-ONE game, pick green or yellow, then hold the game by the green or yellow handle. The green player controls FLICK IT and SPIN IT; the yellow player controls PULL IT and TWIST IT. Either player can respond to SHAKE IT. But if no one responds, you both lose! When you hear “BOP IT,” hit the BOP IT button that has your color “XT” logo on it. The game will call out who hit the button first, and award that player one point!
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