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  • Make Sweet Treats" All Day Long

    With PLAY-DOH modeling compound, it's easy to squish up your creations and start all over. You'll want to make all kinds of "cakes" with the different molds and fun decorations! Make a pretend cake, then crazy cupcakes, then a "layer cake." Use 2 different colors for the frosting, or a different color for each layer! You can make "sweet treats" all day long and still imagine more the next day!
  • Fun and Easy

    It's so easy to make a "cake" with the CAKE MAKIN' STATION set! The fun really starts to stack up as you create layer after layer of fun and fabulous PLAY-DOH cake creations! Use the molds to create layers for your pretend cakes and then load up your CAKE MAKIN’ STATION tool to add all kinds of amazing decorations on top. Use your “frosting” tool to add “frosting" to the top of each “cake”. When it looks like the perfect "cake," turn the dial again. Why? Because no PLAY-DOH cake is complete without candles! Turn the dial to the candle station to finish the job and make it look like the perfect "birthday cake!" You can also make "cupcakes" with the cupcake mold. No matter what you make, the frosting tool is at the ready so you can make your yummy-looking "treats" even more delicious-looking!
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