Provided by Hasbro
  • Customize your GALAXY PEGASUS Top

    Customize your GALAXY PEGASUS attack top for maximum power and performance with the FACE BOLT, ENERGY RING: Pegasus, FUSION WHEEL: Galaxy, SPIN TRACK: W105 and PERFORMANCE TIP: R2F pieces. The SPIN TRACK'S wings push down to help stabilize the top's spinning attack!

    METEO L-DRAGO Attack Top

    Customize your left-spin METEO L-DRAGO attack top with the FACE BOLT, ENERGY RING: L-Drago, FUSION WHEEL: Meteo, SPIN TRACK: LW105 and PERFORMANCE TIP: LF. Use the left-spin launcher to launch this top.
  • About the BEYSTADIUM

    Your BEYSTADIUM arena is designed for crazy action with its 3 penalty pockets that trap unsuspecting tops and 3 sloped pockets that let them escape if they can. But you can also customize the arena for different kinds of battles with the included Battle Cores! When you want to see how tops react to being forced into straight-line movement, use the Zip Core. If you want different effects for left-spin and right-spin tops, use the Deflector Core. And if you just want a crazy, unpredictable battle, use the Chaos Core for the ultimate in chaotic movement!
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