Provided by Hasbro
CAPTAIN AMERICA The First Avenger Disc Launching Shield
  • Be Ready for Whatever Happens in Your Adventures!

    Put the CAPTAIN AMERICA Electronic Shield on your arm and hold onto the grip. Once you've loaded the discs into the shield, you'll be ready for whatever happens in your adventures! Hold the shield up to block your enemies' attacks, then dodge and point the shield at them for your counterattack! Pull the trigger on the grip handle of the shield, and the electronic power of the shield will launch the discs!
  • Be the Most Patriotic Hero Around

    Be the most patriotic hero around with the amazing red, white and blue CAPTAIN AMERICA Electronic Shield! The star in the middle will mark you as a hero in CAPTAIN AMERICA's "army." You'll look tough and scary to the imaginary enemies who threaten the country you love!
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