Provided by NERF
  • 5 Discs Per Clip

    Push down the breech release switch to drop the clip out of the blaster when you run out of ammo. Load 5 discs fast and slam the clip back in! Tip: You know you've loaded your discs the right way if the NERF logo is facing up.
  • Powerful And Versatile

    The VIGILON blaster is not only powerful but versatile. For better sighting, attach a scope (sold separately) to the tactical rail on top of the blaster. And the more discs you have, the easier it is to load up after a mission! Tip: Carry extra discs (sold separately) so you don't run out of ammo!
  • Clear A Jam Fast

    Clear a jam fast with the disc eject switch. When you point your blaster at the ground and use the switch, the jammed disc will fall out, and you can put it back into the clip!
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