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Baby Alive Beautiful Now Baby - Blonde Curly Hair
  • Style her hair again and again!

    You can style your Beautiful Now Baby doll’s hair any way you want. Imagine how pretty she will look when you are all done! Her special toy scissors make a fun snipping sound with every pretend cut! The spray bottle really works so you can spray your doll’s hair. Using her comb and barrettes, you can give her a beautiful hairstyle. Your baby girl loves when you do her hair for her. How will you style it today?
  • Spray! Snip! Style!

    You can fill the spray bottle with water and use it to lightly spritz your doll’s hair, just like at a beauty salon! Comb her hair and get ready to give her a pretend haircut. Snip, snip! The toy scissors make a snipping sound! (Toy scissors do not really cut.) When you’re all done giving your doll’s hair a pretend trim, it’s time to style her hair and clip on her barrettes! Wow, your baby girl looks so beautiful now!
  • Includes fun hairstyling accessories!

    This hairstyling doll offers a fun caregiving experience. She comes complete with an adorable dress and several beauty salon accessories, including a working spray bottle, comb, barrettes, and toy scissors that make a cutting sound. Imagine all the ways to style her hair!
  • Includes

    Doll, dress, comb, pretend scissors, spray bottle and 3 barrettes.
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