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  • Hunt 'em down and take 'em out!

    Thought you had mastered the suspense and strategy of the popular BATTLESHIP game? DELUXE BATTLESHIP, MOVIE EDITION builds on the excitement of the movie, and takes you to a whole new level. The Aliens are threatening the navies of the world and it is up to you to fight them off. Scan the battlefield for locations to conceal your highly detailed, movie-based ships. Then, brace yourself for search-and-destroy battle intensity as you compete with the enemy to keep your ships afloat. Choose your game, your weapons, and how you will deploy your fleet for a battle filled with exciting thrills!
  • Take command of the Navy or the Alien fleet!

    In DELUXE BATTLESHIP, MOVIE EDITION, the Alien fleet and the Navy fleet face off in a do-or-die battle for Earth. Each player controls a fleet of five unique ships based on the BATTLESHIP movie. The Alien fleet includes the Flagship, the Heavy Ordnance Craft, the Small Assault Ship, and more. The Navy fleet features an arsenal of powerful vessels: the Aircraft Carrier, the Battleship, the Red Japanese Destroyer, the Blue American Destroyer, and the Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat. Use the electronic control panel to search for enemy ships and launch your attack. Did you hit or miss?
  • Special electronic features let you customize your game.

    DELUXE BATTLESHIP, MOVIE EDITION features an electronic control panel that lets you set up your battle exactly as you want it. You can choose a one- or two-player game, and a difficulty level of easy, medium, or hard. Then select game type, weapon type, and fleet setup. In the special Advanced Weapons game, your ships can use special weapons or attack several coordinates at a time. Sound effects include voice commands and feedback that will keep you on high alert. Listen for “the battle for Earth has begun” or “Alien target neutralized!”
  • Includes

    Folding BATTLESHIP game unit with 2 storage trays; 5 Navy ships; 5 Alien ships; red, white and blue pegs; 3 red aircraft; 3 blue aircraft; label sheet; 4 rubber feet; and rulebook.

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