Provided by Hasbro
  • It was a big day in CityVille Banana Co., the world's biggest banana company, was about to open CityVille's tallest skyscraper. The biggest names in town had turned out to celebrate, including Vance Valor, number one news anchor and owner of CityVille's most perfect head of hair. As excited as they were about the new building, the town was really looking forward to the appearance of Banana Boy, the world famous Banana Co. mascot. It was going to be a wonderful celebration...until the evil Dr. Mayhem showed up! As soon as the ceremony began, the sinister scientist soared in on his hypno-glider, and a giant gorilla came roaring in behind him. The ape headed straight for the skyscraper. It was another sinister plot by the evil doctor: unleash a giant gorilla to demolish the building and devour all the bananas. CityVille is under attack! Now you have to defend your city from invasion.

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