Provided by L'Oréal Paris
Colour Riche® Nail Pink Me Up!
  • Cutticle nippers
    They're used to remove any bits of skin that make cuticles look messy and, on occasion, a little bit gnarly.

    A nail file
    They come in cardboard, metal, glass or electric format, all of which are to be used cautiously to avoid damaging nails.

    Dotting tools
    These are usually pointed on one end and more rounded on the other and are used to add the finer details to more intricate manicures.
    A cuticle pusher
    Cuticle pushers come in either wood or metal and, as you've probably already guessed, they push cuticles back... FYI, wooden ones are better for soft cuticles as they're more flexible. 

    Masking tape
    An absolute must-have for nail art fans. It's used to achieve straight edges and geometric designs when applying different colored nail polished to one nail. 

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