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  • L'Oreal Paris Feria Hair Color

    Live in ColorFéria is for the bold. The colorful. The trendsetters. Multi-faceted, shimmering all-over color delivers brilliant results with 3X the highlights. Inspired by the runway, Féria's prismatic color spectrum is custom-blended by L’Oreal master colorists for bold, head-turning shades – no appointment necessary. The revolutionary Power Shimmer Conditioner hydrates and conditions week after week so hair is never wrecked or ravaged.

    With Ferias, what you see is the shimmer. Multi-faceted, shimmering color with 3x highlights delivers intensified, brilliant results.

  • Why You'll Love It

    - Multi-faceted shimmering color.

    -Intensified, brilliant results with 3X the   highlights.

    -Revolutionary Power Shimmer Conditioner hydrates and conditions.

    -Power shades are infused with an extra shot of pure dyes for beyond bold color.

    -Absolute Platinum lightens up to 7 levels without a drop of ammonia.

  • Find Your Feria from Over 30 Shimmering Shades

    Choosing the right hair color can be a daunting task, but we've laid out the basics.

    Hair Color by the Numbers:

    Hair color ranges from black (level 1) to lightest blonde (level 11). The further you move away from your natural color, the more dramatic your results. We recommend staying within 2-3 shades of your natural color for best coloring results. Remember that hair color cannot lighten pre-colored hair.

    Hair Color by Tone:

    Tone is measured in warm, cool and neutral. If you want to add warmth to your hair, go with golden, chestnut or bronze tones. Or, keep it cool with icy, ashy or smoky shades.

    Use our shade selector chart to the left to see the full range of shades and find the one that's right for you.

  • Step-by-Step Guide for Applying Feria at Home


    Step 1. Be sure hair is dry, unshampooed and detangled. Put on colorist gloves. Drape towel over shoulders to protect clothing.

    Step 2. Twist off tip from the Shimmering Conditioning Developer Crème Bottle (2). Then, remove applicator cap from bottle completely.

    Step 3. Pour all of the Shimmering Conditioning Color Gel (1) into Shimmering Conditioning Developer Crème Bottle (2).

    Step 4. Open Aromatic Shimmer Serum (ampoule labeled (3)) and pour contents into bottle (2).

    Step 5. Replace applicator cap securely on Shimmering Conditioning Developer Crème Bottle (2).

    Step 6. Place your gloved finger over open tip. Point away from your face and shake well until contents are thoroughly mixed.


    Step 1. Immediately after mixing, squeeze color from bottle (2) onto dry, unwashed hair beginning in front. Work mixture gently through hair, from roots to ends.

    Step 2. Use as little or as much mixture as needed to saturate hair completely. Refer to lines on bottle (2) label as a guide.

    Step 3. Pile longer hair loosely on top of head, securing with a plastic clip if necessary.


    Féria develops in 25 minutes. Don’t skimp on processing time! If you rinse your color before it has enough time to develop, it won’t reach its most-gorgeous potential.


    When time is up, keeping gloves on, add a little cool water to hair and gently work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. Squeeze excess water from hair.

    Deep Condition, Shimmer and Shine:

    Apply the Shimmer Boost Conditioner (4) to hair. Work through and let penetrate for two minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cool water until water runs clear. No need to shampoo.

  • Expert Application Tips from L'Oreal Colorists

    • Before applying, do a skin allergy test to see if a reaction occurs.
    • Do a strand test by applying color to a small section of hair before covering your whole head.
    • Always apply color to dry, detangled and unwashed hair. The natural oils in your scalp act as a protective layer when applying color.
    • If you have thick or long hair, use two boxes.
    • Apply a small amount of Shimmer Booster Conditioner to hairline, ears and back of neck to prevent possible staining of skin.
    • Rinse your hair in cold water after coloring to keep color from running.
    • Do not shampoo your hair until 24 hours after coloring to maintain color vibrancy.
    • After coloring, skip clarifying shampoos and hot oil treatments. These products can strip or fade hair color.

  • Power Violet

     Féria Power Violet is multi-faceted, shimmering color. This Féria has an extra shot of pure dyes for violet that's beyond vivid. Live in violet. Live in Féria.

  • Power Copper

     Féria Power Copper is multi-faceted, shimmering color. This Féria has an extra shot of pure dyed for copper that's fearless, beyond bold. Live in copper. Live in Féria.

  • Power Red

     Stand out from the crowd with show-stopping Féria Power Reds. This Féria has an extra shot of pure dyes. With Color Booster technology for color beyond bold. Live in red.

  • Absolute Platinum

    White this pure must be Féria Absolute Platinum. An Extreme Lightening System that lightens up to 7 levels without ammonia for white hot results. With tinted conditioner to neutralize brassiness.

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