Provided by L’Oreal Paris
Féria® Power Reds R48 Intense Deep Auburn / Red Velvet
CHOOSE THIS BRAND FOR: Fade-defying color and shine Bold, fashion-inspired looks Maxmium gray coverage with a Triple Protection System Specifically Designed For Mature hair 3 Seconds to Flawless Roots Automatic & reusable haircolor
COLOR RESULT Luminous color that shines from every strand Multi-faceted, shimmering color with 3X highlights Rich, uniform color Layered tones, skin-flattering color Quick and easy gray coverage.
Lasts until your next shampoo.
Fresh, brilliant, multi-tonal color
GRAY COVERAGE Blends away gray Not Recommended 100% coverage even on stubborn grays For Predominantly Gray hair
(75% or more)
100% Up to 75%
FORM Liquid Gel Liquid Gel Crème Crème Aerosol Spray Mousse
PERMANENCY Permanent Permanent Permanent Permanent Temporary Permanent
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