Provided by L’Oreal Paris
  • For single-process colorers: freshen your roots

    You don’t have to do a full color to touch up your roots. Root coloring kits match your salon or at-home hair color and come with specific applicator tools that target your roots for each and precise application. Just apply the formula where you need it: along your part, hairline and temples.

    Extends ‘do: 3+ weeks
    Try: Root Rescue 10-minute root coloring kit
  • No time? Hide your roots

    Running out the door and noticed some root? There are easy tricks to hid early root growth. Add some lift to the roots by styling with more volume. For instance, if you straighten, wear it curly. Or if you part your hair one way, part it the other. When your hair isn’t flat up top, it helps disguise your new growth.

    Extends ‘do: 1-2 weeks
  • Touch-up grown out highlights

    When your highlights start growing out, you can easily keep them looking fresh by touching up the roots with an at-home kit. Make sure to be careful when applying! If you highlight over existing highlights they will get even brighter, becoming over- processed and possibly damaged.

    Extends ‘do: 2-4 weeks depending on the color
    Try: Frost & Design Highlight Kit in Caramel

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