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  • Family Friendly

    For lively, fun family nights with kids 8 years and older, Pictionary® Frame game provides stimulating clues and team-based play, delivering surprising hilarity!

    Fun for Everyone!

    Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or an enthusiastic newbie, Pictionary® Frame Game™ and its see-through drawing tablet gives you tons of opportunity for lots of laughs.

  • Draw like the wind!

    More fun than charades, contestants draw instead of acting out the words, titles and replies. Players all strive to be the first to figure out the scribbling, doodling and drawing and guess the correct answer before the timer runs out!
  • What’s in the Box?

    • The beloved game of quick sketches and hilarious guesses features three innovative, new ways to play! Mirror Mirror: trace on one side of the window while your teammate follows along with a marker on the other side; Action: pull your clue, then use the window to act it out; Classic: the Pictionary® game you know and already love.
    • It also includes a large group display so that everyone can see, stand, timer, and pen.
    • With 750 clues, game play can go on and on and the guesses can be just as hilarious as the sketches!
    • For 3 or more players.

    Age Grade

    Ages 8 and older

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