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  • Where Would This Werecat Rather Be?

    Werecat Catrine DeMew® has torn herself away from her beloved hometown of Scaris™ - the City of Frights™ to join the student body at Monster High®! A deadicated artiste and ferocious purrfectionist, this cat always looks like a spooktacular masterpiece herself!
  • A Purr-fect Look

    Catrine DeMew® doll is to-die-for in a “tres haute” outfit inspired by her hometown. The fitted silhouette is enhanced with a dreamy print, lacy peplum and ruffle hem. Shades of pink and purple stand out, highlighted in her boo-tiful streaked hair.
  • Clawesome Accessories

    Her accessories are positively artistic touches: a blue scarf tied around her neck, purple and black bangles on her wrists, purple booties with gore-geous cut-outs and a black bow to adorn the tip of her tail. Throw her purple bag with its black accents over her shoulder, and grab her coffin-shaped chalk pastel case - it fits in her hand and holds chalks inside! - to head to class. Stay on the monster track with the character-specific planner.
  • Monster Play

    Fans of the webisodes will love playing out her story or creating new ones for monster fun. An included brush (with Skullette™ shape) and doll stand enhance styling and posing to really bring the character to unlife. Collect other dolls in the assortment (sold separately) to expand the possibilities to monster proportions!
  • What’s in the Box?

    • Purr-fectionist Catrine DeMew® is the cat’s me-owww in a new fashion for a new Scare Mester™.
    • The fitted dress features a lace hem on the skirt and a matching peplum at the waist.
    • Bangles dangle on her wrists, booties decorate her feet, a scarf brightens her neck and a black bow on her tail is a last to-die-for touch.
    • Her matching purr-ple bag will inspire green-eyed envy in her fashionista friends.
    • Doll comes with a schoolbag, coffin-shaped chalk pastel case (with chalks inside!), hairbrush, doll stand and character-specific diary/planner.

    Age Grade

    Ages 6 and older.


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