Provided by Fisher Price
Fisher-Price® Corn Popper® - CMY10
  • Encourage your new walker with a “pop” of fun!

    The wide wheels and easy-to-grasp-and-push handle on the Fisher-Price® Corn Popper® toy help walkers. And once little ones have taken those first steps, this classic push toy encourages them to keep movin’ and groovin’ to see & hear the exciting poppity-pop action. Remember, the faster they go, the faster the colorful balls pop!

  • Give baby’s developing skills a big push!

    Walking & pushing the popper along help get little ones gross motor skills rolling. Your little one is also discovering that their actions make fun things happen. (Hello, cause & effect!) And the bright colors and fun sounds help stimulate important senses like sight and hearing.
  • What's in the Box?

    • A new look for this classic, baby-favorite push toy!
    • Exciting ball-popping sounds & action
    • Walking & pushing the Corn Popper® along help strengthen gross motor skills
    • Baby’s actions make things happen – a great introduction to cause & effect!
    • Bright colors & popping sounds help stimulate baby’s senses and are a delightful reward for baby 

    Age Grade
    12 - 36M

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