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Enfamil PREMIUM Infant RTU (300875102435)
  • Meeting your baby’s nutritional needs on the go.

    Feeding your baby Enfamil Infant formula for her first 12 months could help give her a healthy start. Enfamil Infant formula has important nutrients that help promote brain and eye development, as well as a healthy immune system.

    Inspired by the nutrition of breast milk, Enfamil Infant helps support milestones like grasping and rolling over.

    • Has important nutrients as recommended by experts, such as brain-nourishing DHA and choline.
    • Calcium for strong bones.
    • Proprietary blend of Dual Prebiotics® designed to help support the immune system, and clinically proven to promote digestive health.
    • Nutritionally tailored to help support early milestones like focusing.
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  • Enfamil Family of Products

    Enfamil offers a variety of products that provide nutritional support as your little one transitions from infant to toddler.

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