Provided by Enfamil PREMIUM Infant
  • Enfamil Premium is the first & only line of infant formula to have inositol—a potential building block for growing brains—at an amount†1 previously only available to breastfed infants.
  • The Enfamil Premium line of formula has 2x the DHA—an essential fatty acid shown to foster a child’s learning ability through age 5—than Similac.‡2
  • The exclusive blend of dual prebiotics found in Enfamil Premium formulas is designed to work throughout the digestive tract, where 70% of your baby’s immune system is located.
  • Enfamil Premium Infant comes powdered in a 22.2 oz reusable plastic tub with a wider mouth for easier scooping & storing. Also, our 33.2 oz refill boxes represent a great value to keep you stocked up. 

  • Only Enfamil Premium has Triple Health Guard® blend, a patented formula that has brain-nourishing DHA, an exclusive prebiotic blend and 30 nutrients for growth.
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  1. 1 The average worldwide level of inositol in mature breast milk is 22 mg / 100 kcal
  2. 2 ‡Enfamil DHA = 0.32% of total fatty acids; Similac DHA = 0.15% of total fatty acids. Enfamil has not been shown superior to the other leading brand in fostering a child’s learning ability.
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