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Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Pwd Can (300871239456)
  • Nutramigen LGG starts to manage colic due to cow’s milk allergy as early as the first feeding, with 90% of infants improving within 48 hours.†1
  • Because babies who are allergic to cow’s milk are more likely to have other allergies, Nutramigen LGG is specially formulated to reduce the incidence of future allergy challenges by 50%.‡2
  • With Nutramigen LGG, your baby’s immune system gets the support it needs to build up a tolerance to milk proteins so you can switch to a more traditional formula sooner.
  • Nutramigen LGG includes the probiotic branded LGG—the most extensively studied probiotic for allergy management & supporting the digestive health of your baby.
  • Through 12 months of age, Nutramigen LGG is tailored to meet the complete nutritional needs of your infant & help support their early milestones.
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  1. 1 †Studied before the addition of DHA, ARA and LGG.
  2. 2 ‡Asthma, eczema, rhino-conjunctivitis, and urticaria at three years; in comparison to Nutramigen without LGG.
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