Provided by Nutramigen LGG
  • Nutramigen® infant formula is clinically proven to manage colic due to cow’s milk protein allergy fast—often within 48 hours1 —while still having the nutrition your baby needs to grow and develop.

    Sleeping troubles, gas and crying for more than three hours a day are all issues that your baby may be experiencing colic due to cow’s milk protein allergy. Fortunately, a simple change in formula can often help make a difference. This formula has the probiotic LGG2 which helps support digestive health. Nutramigen LGG is proven to help infants build a tolerance to cow’s milk protein, so your baby’s tummy may tolerate milk at a younger age.

    The lactose-free, easy-to-digest formula blend of Nutramigen has hypoallergenic proteins that are so small in size that your baby’s body does not commonly recognize them as a potential allergen. The proven formula of Nutramigen has been helping babies for over 70 years.

    Nutramigen is nutritionally complete. It has essential nutrients your baby needs for healthy physical and mental development through her first 6 months, and remaining a major source of nutrition through 12 months.
  1. 1 Studied before the addition of DHA and ARA.
  2. 2 LGG not added to liquid ready-to-use products
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