Provided by Enfamil ProSobee
  • Enfamil® ProSobee, a soy-based infant formula blend, is milk and lactose-free, providing the nourishment your baby needs for healthy growth and development, while also being gentle on her tummy.

    Fussiness and gas may be an indication that your baby has a feeding sensitivity to the lactose found in regular formulas, but a simple change in formula can often make all the difference. Made with soy protein, Enfamil ProSobee is specially designed to ease your baby’s fussiness and gas with gentle soy.

    Even if your baby is not experiencing a feeding issue, the soy-based formula blend of Enfamil ProSobee also makes a great choice for families wanting a more plant-based diet.

    Intended for infants up to 12 months, Enfamil ProSobee formula is nutritionally complete, providing essential nutrients your baby needs for healthy physical and mental development through her first year.

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