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Enfagrow Toddler Next Step - Natural Milk
  • 85% of brain growth happens in the first three years.

    Yet, the transition from formula or breast milk to cow’s milk can lead to an 80% drop in brain-nourishing DHA consumption. That’s why it’s important to promote your little one’s brain development with Enfagrow Premium Toddler Next Step: a milk-based nutritional drink for growing toddlers ages 1 year & up.
    • Proprietary Triple Health Guard® blend, that has DHA to help promote brain development, prebiotics & vitamins to support immune health, and 22 total nutrients to complement the diet
    • Fill the DHA gap with as little as two servings a day, with 2x Omega 3 DHA vs. Similac Go & Grow†1
    • Non-GMO2 – Ingredients not genetically engineered

  • There’s an Enfagrow for Every Step

    Enfagrow Premium Toddler Next Step is available in two convenient Ready-to-Use sizes—32 fl oz & 8 fl oz—helping you assure your little one gets nutrition she may still need whether you’re at home or on the go.
  1. 1 †Enfagrow Natural Milk (27mg DHA) vs. Similac Go & Grow (12.7mg DHA). Enfagrow has not been shown superior to Similac Go & Grow in supporting brain development.
  2. 2 *Trace amounts of GMO may be present in the product from manufacturing environments and process sources. For more information, visit 
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